Dover Castle & The White Cliffs

The historic, iconic, white-cliffed, Dover Castle…

Built around 1200s, this castle is still up and as strong as the early days. I think, it has seen a lot of history that you can feel it from the walls

The Great Tower

Originally built by Henry II, this castle has been home for the early British Empire when they were part holding France, Wales and England.

The White Cliffs

These are the famous cliffs stand guard over the English Channel given far reaching glimpses of the French coast. They provide a specialise ecosystem to unusual insects and plants…


A very lovely city not far from London less than 2 hours by car. The city centre is not big and you can really walk around more than two hours and can see all the major attractions.

Westgate Park

Next to river, it is a great peaceful place that could make you feel like in heavens…

When you are traveling with kids, this children playground can take some stress off and let you little ones unleash their energy while you could take a small coffee or tea break

Usually parks in England are really well organised but this one here is particularly good and I really liked it. The small walking paths here feels like you are in Alice in Wonderland…

Also by walking by the river, you have a chance to walk on the First Main Road of Britain 🇬🇧….

High Street

I think this kind of places are really great and are very well preserved. Do you feel like you’re living may be like in a small town by actually everything is very accessible you can see big chain stores and all little local stores in the High Street. You can even fine stores that are dating back to 1500’s…


Cardiff is a very lovely city almost 3 hours away from London by car. You can also travel by train or even airway. However, driving to Cardiff would be a better option from London. That way you can stay in a budget hotel outside of Cardiff by 20 minutes drive or so. It will be not only cheaper but also more flexible to handle accomedation.


We suggest Ibis Budget at NewPort as one of the best affordable options available out there. It is really cheap and provides basic breakfast. Due to its location being just next to main highway connecting to Cardiff, it is really convenient to stay there. It takes ~15 minutes driving to Cardiff city center.

Day 1: City Center & Main Attractions

Cardiff is a very established and also historical city. When you park your car on a public park space, available in a lot of places, the city centre can be easily seen by walking. Most of the attractions are nearby 5-10 minutes distances.

Cardiff Castle

Dating back to a very old times, it has a nice coffee shop you can buy muffins and coffee or tea. The restrooms are well maintained and support childcare facilities. The vast open grass garden and tunnels, stairs around the walls are really enjoyable. Especially with your kids, you can just leave them free and let them explore, climb, run and sunbath (if you are lucky) in this historical heritage.

Wales Millennium Centre & City Port

Being a city nearby see side makes Cardiff City Port a place to joy. When the weather is sunny, it could remind you the likes of Stockholm port. Clearly, it is one of the places locals are also spending time.

There is some vegetarian ice-cream options available to enjoy the viewing. The Millennium Center has some other facilities for childcare but doesn’t provide great food options.

Day 2: Brecon Beacons National Park

This is by far one of the best national parks preserved in the United Kingdom. It is just wonderful. You can drive there from Newport or Cardiff City Center around an hour. The road itself is also beautiful. The rest of the details cannot be easily explained so let’s enjoy some iPhonagraphy we took there: